Andi Lechner

Hello and welcome to my site!


I'm a Vienna-based musician and composer.

I've studied jazz guitar with Karl Ratzer, but in recent years, resonator guitars have become my greatest passion.


Since the first time I picked up the guitar the most intriguing thing for me was the sound of the instrument - the extensive possibilities to express things that couldn't be said otherwise. I'm interested in a vast variety of musical styles, and I'm always searching for new exciting influences that I can adapt to my style of playing. With that said, my first musical love was the blues and think it's the kind of thing that always shimmers through in everything I play, it comes out very naturally... 


I'm also a passionate vocalist and songwriter, and a while ago I began to study the banjo, and I couldn't be more excited about this!

So, thanks for visiting my site and have fun exploring it.


See you soon, stay wild